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December 14, 2017



Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)is a technique by which conditions and factors that can contribute to a specific issue that are identified and organized in a logical manner and represented pictorially. The main objective of this FTA is to assist in debugging and identifying the root cause of some of the issues related to Qsys Pro and resolve the issue effectively.

Qsys Pro failures in Nios II is a common issue that user might encounter when developing Nios II designs.

Fault Tree Analysis Diagram & Table

Refer to the link below for: FTA for Nios II Qsys Pro

Click here for: FTA_niosii_qsyspro [1]

In this FTA, it consists a FTA diagram and table that is used to debug and root cause Qsys Pro failure for Nios II systems.

In the FTD, a hypothesis is created based on the failure as described. Each hypothesis can have a second level or more level of suspects. The FTD are then converted to a table to make it easier for the user visually debug the issue.


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