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Find service by name

Find service by name

Last Updated:

Nios II EDS v8.0


System Console must first be started with the -jdi=<quartus_proj>.jdi file. This file is generated by the Quartus compilation flow, and will let System Console know which SLD Node is associated with which SOPC Builder component name.

Given a service type and name, finds and returns the path to the first service of the given type whose SOPC Builder component name matches *<name>*.

If the given service type is invalid, an error message will be printed.

If the name is not matched, then null would be returned. So check that the return value is not empty before using.


find_service_by_nameservice-type, name       
As above.                    


·      find_service_by_name.tcl


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‎06-27-2019 12:25 AM
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