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GPON Example Power Estimation

GPON Example Power Estimation

This design interfaces to four optical modules and performs the packet processing and traffic management of a GPON network. A block diagram of the design is shown below:

3/34/GPON.JPG ( GPON.JPG - click here to view image )

Both resource utilization and frequency of 245MHz were input into the Arria V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator. Design specifications for this Arria V FPGA implementation are as follows:

Resource utilization used in the Arria V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator
Resource Type
Approximate Count
162 K LUTs
Flip Flops
131 K 
14 Mbits
DSP Blocks
12 blocks in 18bit full precision
400 IO
8 channels at 2.5Gbps

This GPON system would actually sit in a rack, and therefore, a Commercial temperature grade would be the correct temperature grade to estimate power consumption. In our example, we’ve opted to show our worst case power by forcing the junction temperature to 85C, the maximum allowed in the Commercial speed grade without any airflow or heatsink. In reality, this design would have at least airflow for active cooling and possibly even a heatsink. Changing these operating conditions usually impacts the total power consumption.

File:ArriaV EPE and try out the changes for yourself!

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