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Host File System

Host File System

May 19, 2008. Nios II EDS v8.0Last Updated:


This simple example demonstrates the use of Altera's GNU debugger filing system. The example includes a zip file (.zip file) containing three text files. The filing system is first programmed into the hardware design's common flash interface (CFI) compliant flash using the Nios II Flash programmer. When you run the application it opens two of the text files in the filing system, then prints them to STDOUT.


  • Source code for example application
  • readme.txt
  • Create-this scripts for app and bsp


  • NOTE: If you are using Nios II EDS v7.2 or earlier then this design example is already contained in the example folder of your installation.
  • The following steps are for Nios II EDS v8.0 and later.
  1. Download the zip file.
    1. Copy the hardware example design for your board from the Nios II EDS installation (c:\altera\<version_number>\nios2eds\examples\<verilog or vhdl>) to your working directory.
    2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the software application directory for the hardware project in your working directory. For example if you are using the standard verilog hardware design in the Nios II Development Kit, Cylcone II Edition, extract the zip file to \<work_directory>\niosII_cycloneII_2c35\standard\software_examples\app.
    3. Create a new folder called "hal_hostfs" in the bsp directory under the hardware example.
    4. Cut and paste the create-this-bsp file from the /app dir to the hal_zipfs directory.
    5. Refer to the introduction of the Nios II Software Build Tools chapter for instructions on building and running this example:

 Hardware Requirements:

This example requires the following devices to be present in the target hardware design:

  • STDOUT component such as a UART or JTAG UART
  • CFI compliant flash component

You can run this software design example on the following Nios II hardware design examples:

Nios II Development Board, Stratix® II Edition:

  • Standard
  • Full Featured

Nios II Development Board, Stratix Professional Edition:

  • Standard
  • Full Featured

Nios II Development Board, Stratix Edition:

  • Standard
  • Full Featured

Nios II Development Board, Cyclone® II Edition:

  • Standard
  • Full Featured

Nios II Development Board, Cyclone Edition:

  • Standard
  • Full Featured



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