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How to read and use Intel® Arria® 10 Chip ID IP in Embedded System

How to read and use Intel® Arria® 10 Chip ID IP in Embedded System using Nios® II and Hard Processor System (HPS)

Design files is in link below.

File:Chipid nios2

Quick Start Guide 

1) Replace the Uboot (uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin in /software folder) into SD card A2 partition using dd command (in Linux) or alt-boot-disk-util command in SoC EDS Command Shell (in Windows). 

Note: You would need to “Run as administrator” when launching SoC EDS Command Shell in Windows in order to write the Uboot into A2 partition on SD card. 

2) Copy and replace the 3 files in sdcard_fat_files folder into the SD card FAT partition. 

3) Insert the SD card and let the system boot into Linux. 

4) Mount FAT partition of SD card to system (to /mnt folder) with command below. 

mount /dev/mmc0p1 /mnt

5) Copy the from /mnt to ~/ directory with command. 

cp /mnt/ ~/

6) Execute script with command below: 


The Chip ID will be printed on Linux UART Console. 

7) For Nios II, load the elf file (chip_id.elf in software/chip_id_nios folder) into Nios II by entering command below in Nios II Command Shell 

Nios2-download –g chip_id.elf && nios2-terminal

The Chip ID will be printed on Nios II terminal. 

e/e2/Chipid_nios2_hps.jpg ( Chipid nios2 hps.jpg - click here to view image )

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