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JTAG Standalone

JTAG Standalone

The page describes how to install a small set (~4MB) of jtag tools enough for nios2-download and nios2-terminal, without installing the bulk of Quartus for Linux.

1. Download the file from Altera ftp,

wget ftp://ftp.altera.com/outgoing/altera_jtag_standalone.tgz

2. Unpack the files to /opt, as root,

sudo tar zxf altera_jtag_standalone.tgz -C /opt

3. Copy the init script and jtag data to /etc

sudo cp -a /opt/altera_jtag_standalone/jtagd_files/etc/* /etc

4. fix a minor filename bug

sudo mv /opt/altera_jtag_standalone/jtag_script /opt/altera_jtag_standalone/jtagd_script 

5. start jtagd on boot

sudo chkconfig jtagd on

Or, start it immediately

sudo /etc/init.d/jtagd start

6. add the path to your user profile, .bash_profile or .profile

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/altera_jtag_standalone/lib

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/altera_jtag_standalone

7. create an empty jtag conf

touch ~/.jtag.conf

8. logout and login again to make the path added, check jtag connection,


9. proceed to nios2-download and nios2-terminal

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