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Linux Hwselect

Linux Hwselect

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The hwselect script will prepare the headers of the memory and io port maps of your board.

Change to the uClinux-dist directory

make vendor_hwselect SYSPTF=/path_to/your_sytem.ptf # this is instead of make hwselect

If you change the ptf later, you may have to make clean the kernel dir. Then run make vendor_hwselect SYSPTF=/path_to/your_sytem.ptf again.

If you use Altera Nios II dev boads, look for the (any) .ptf and .sof in dir, /opt/altera8.0/nios2eds/examples/verilog/ , e.g. If you use Altera Cyclone II Nios dev board with 2C35, the .ptf file is:


and the .sof is 


The ptf must match your board and the sof.

If you use DE2, look in DE2 support CD:

DE2_System/DE2_demonstrations/DE2_NET/ nios_0.ptf and DE2_NET.sof

(look for *.ptf, the filename may change)

You should select a Nios2 cpu, and sdram/ddr/ddr2_sdram. Your memory size should be at least 8MB.

Here is the example of NEEK,

RUNNING hwselect

--- Please select which CPU you wish to build the kernel against:

(1) cpu - Class: altera_nios2 Type: f Version: 7.071

Selection: 1

--- Please select a device to execute kernel from:

(1) ext_flash

Class: altera_avalon_cfi_flash

Size: 16777216 bytes

(2) ssram

Class: altera_avalon_cy7c1380_ssram

Size: 1048576 bytes

(3) ddr_sdram

Class: ddr_high_perf

Size: 33554432 bytes

Selection: 3

--- Summary using

PTF: /home/hippo/boards/ocm/cycloneIII_embedded_evaluation_kit_standard_sopc.ptf

CPU: cpu

Program memory to execute from: ddr_sdram

--- Settings written to /home/hippo/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x/arch/nios2/

When you compile the kernel, file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-nios2/nios2.h will be generated. It contains the memory and io ports address of your board. 

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