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MP3 Player

MP3 Player

This is a touch-screen MP3 player example for the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK). Both hardware and software source is included. The executables are also included so you can run the player without having to build the project. The file README.TXT includes instructions for running the example.

Download the example

NEEK_MP3_Player.jpg (Click here for image)

MP3 Player Example

To play mp3s:

  1. Create a directory on the SD Card named /MP3/media.
  2. Dump all your mp3s in that directory (they can be in seperate subdirectories).
  3. Copy the .flash files located in mp3_player/flash_files of this .zip file to the SD Card directory /Altera_EEK_Applications/MP3 Player
  4. Load the MP3 player with the App Selector.

The player will recursively scan the /MP3/media directory and build a database of all the MP3 files. This will take a little time. Then it will begin playing. Any time you change the MP3 files on the card (or the player fails to open one it has in its database), it will re-scan the /MP3/media directory and rebuild the database.


  • Skip, Play, Pause..
  • Touch the progress bar to skip to that place in the song
  • Touch Vol or Bal to change the volume or left-right balance
  • Touch and release a song in the playlist to begin playing that song.
  • Touch the scroll bar in the playlist to scroll through the playlist
  • Touch the scroll bar in the Now Playing window to see more information about that song.
  • Touch Random or Repeat to enable those functions.


qpf file provided in the .zip file indicates it was built using Quartus 7.2

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