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MP32 (MIPS) Soft Core Embedded Processor

MP32 (MIPS) Soft Core Embedded Processor

Altera, MIPS Technologies and SLS (System Level Solutions) have created the MP32 processor core for Altera FPGAs. MP32 is distributed and sold exclusively through SLS.

Software Tools

Embedded software developers using the MP32 processor can leverage the MIPS ecosystem of software development tools and operating systems, which includes:

  • MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite
  • MIPS System Navigator EJTAG debug probes
  • Lauterbach TRACE32 debug and off-chip trace probe
  • Wind River VxWorks RTOS

FPGA and ASIC Support

MP32 is royalty-free and sold on an unlimited use basis when targeting Altera’s FPGAs. MP32 is currently configured for the following device families:

  • Arria II GX FPGAs
  • Cyclone III FPGAs
  • Stratix III FPGAs
  • Stratix IV FPGAs
  • HardCopy ASICs

MP32 can be implemented on standard-cell ASICs with license agreements in place. Please contact SLS for details.

See MP32 in Action

This demo video shows how you can develop software for MP32 with a Stratix III dev kit, how to stitch together a system using Altera’s Qsys system integration tool (aka the new SOPC Builder), and how you can use your favorite dev tools with MP32.

This MIPS how-to video, “MIPS Navigator ICS Debugging MP32 on Stratix III,” shows the debugging of application source code running on a MIPS-based MP32 processor on an Altera Stratix III Development Kit.

Get Started with MP32

Visit the SLS website for product documentation, reference designs, or to request an evaluation version of the core.

The FPGA design flow for the MP32 processor is based on Altera's Qsys system integration tool. To learn more, sign up for an Altera training class for embedded design:

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