Makefile tricks for Nios II

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Makefile tricks for Nios II

Makefile tricks for Nios II

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Altera Corp. introduced the Nios® II Software Build Tools (SBT) in 2009. The SBT automatically create custom makefiles for your custom application from either the GUI or the command line. This is exactly what most Nios® II users need. However, there are cases where you need a little more control over the make process, but you prefer not to make a custom makefile from scratch. For example, if you have a file which uses the __DATE __ and __TIME__ C macros or build numbering system, you may want them to be rebuilt every time you compile or just when another file changes. These and other make topics will be explored in this paper. This paper assumes that you have some knowledge of makefiles and the Nios® II SBT. A great make reference book is “Managing Project with make”. It is published by O’REILLY and written by Andrew Oram & Steve Talbot.


Topics: make, GNUmakefile, prebuild, postbuild 

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