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Max 10 I2C to RSU

Max 10 I2C to RSU

This is a OpenCores I2C Slave connect to RSU IP through Qsys toolsOverview

I2C Commands

I2C read data - 1010xxx1 follow by 4 byte of data.

I2C Avalon 32 bit write - 10100110 follow by 4 byte Avalon address and 4 byte data.

I2C Avalon 32 bit read - 10101110 follow by 4 byte Avalon address.

RSU Avalon Memory Mapping

On Chip Flash IP Data - 0x0 to 0x15FFFF

On Chip Flash IP CSR - 0x200000 to 0x200007

Dual Boot IP - 0x200020 to 0x20003f

On Chip Flash IP

Dual Configuration IP - Page50


Download File:I2C RSU.qar

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