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Microtronix v1.4 uClinux Development

Microtronix v1.4 uClinux Development

This page maintains the installation files for the Microtronix uClinux Development environment circa 2007. Microtronix developed the original uClinux development environment which was tied to the NIOS-II IDE operating on a Windows platform. Subsequently, hippo developed an alternate approach using uClinux on a Linux platform. These files are provided to support to re-creation of the uClinux kernel for products released using this environment. The Microtronix v1.4 uCLinux development environment is based on the following tools and IP cores:

  • Quartus-II Version 5.0 Service Pack 1
  • Nios II Version 5.0
  • Megacore Library Version 5.0
  • Modelsim-Altera Software Version 6.0c SP1
  • Microtronix uClinux Version 1.4

The specific archives required for this design can be found at the following links:

Archives of all Altera development software and IP releases can be found at the Quartus II Software Archive here (

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