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Military Sensor Example Design

Military Sensor Example Design

This FPGA design is a military application consisting of a transmitter/receiver that sends and receives information via radio frequencies. It includes DSP functions such as digital upconversion and digital downconversion, and has several proprietary high-speed serial protocol interfaces that operate at 6 Gbps, as well as a PCI Express (PCIe) Gen2x4 interface operating at 5 Gbps. The main clock is 150 MHz. The end equipment must operate in harsh environmental conditions, so it requires an Industrial temperature-grade device (rated for operation between -40C and 100C). Accordingly, the power estimation was performed using 100C junction temperature. The table below summarizes the FPGA resource utilization.

Resource Utilization Used in the Arria V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator
Resource Type
Approximate Count
100K LUTs
Flip Flops
6 Mbits
DSP Blocks
325 (18x18 multipliers)
277 IO
7 channels at 6 Gbps
4 channel at 5 Gbps (PCIe Gen2x4)

You can review the Early Power Estimator results yourself by downloading this file: File:ArriaV EPE

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