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NEEK Picture Viewer

NEEK Picture Viewer

About the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit Picture Viewer

The picture viewer application is built for the Nios II standard processor system to show-case the video display via the LCD touch panel.

The picture viewer application takes JPEG images or bitmaps stored on the SD Card and displays them on the LCD Touch Panel.

The Nios II CPU decodes the images and stores the pixels in a video buffer in DDR. A Scatter-Gather DMA is used to transfer pixel data from teh video buffer to teh video pipeline

How to Use

  1. Power on the board by pressing the switch SW1. You will see the application selector menu
  2. Select Picture Viewer option by touching it
  3. Press the "load" button to configure the FPGA with the application
  4. After loading the application you will see a slide show of pictures on the SD Card
  5. The next image will be displayed after the delay period
  6. You can control the slide show as follows
  • Press Forward to advance, Reverse to go back to previous image, Play/Stop to play the slide or stop it
  • On the top corner you will see the Delay-period (in Sec.). You can increase or decrease the delay period by touching the +or - buttons
  • The max delay is 20 seconds, the min delay is 1 second, default is 5 seconds
  • You can hide the control buttons by clicking on the Hide button located at the top left corner of the touch screen. Touch anywhere on the screen to resume and to return to menu.
  1. Slide show continues until you tap the STOP button
  2. To return to the application selector either repower the board or press the reconfigure button

Get the Ready to Run SD Card Demo:

[[|Download] the Ready to Run SD Card Demo.

Simply copy this on your SD Card under "Altera_eek_applications" folder

Add your own pics to the Picture viewer :

You can add your own pictures by simply copying them to your SD card folder entitled images.

Get the full design example (SOPC Builder project and Source files)

§ Download the Quartus II project (Compiled using Quartus II v8.0 SP1)

§ Download the application (app) source files (unzip and copy to software_examples directory in Quartus II project above)

§ Download the board support package (bsp) source files (unzip and copy to software_examples directory in Quartus II project above)

Get SD/MMC Card IP core License

  • The SD/MMC SPI IP Core can be purchased from Camino
  • TEL +49 - 8751 -8787 - 0
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