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The Altera Nios II EDS (as of version 7.0) includes a very cool TCP/IP networking stack from InterNiche, ported to the Nios II processor. The TCP/IP Network Stack - Nios II Edition software component is a full featured, TCP/IP networking stack. The Nios II EDS includes software templates (such as a webserver and simple socket server) which provide you with an easy starting point for developing your network application. Additionally, device driver support is provided for the LAN91C111 10/100 chip, as well as the Altera Triple Speed Ethernet MAC (TSE MAC).

This page serves as an information "clearinghouse" for the NicheStack networking stack. Please review the licensing terms of the NicheStack software component first, however. This software is NOT open source, and has been sublicensed by Altera (licensing terms: this isa text file, please download to view it properly).

NicheStack Topics

  • "Super Loop" NicheStack: How to use the networking stack without MicroC/OS-II.
  • Media:New.gif Simple Socket Server Plus - This example is an enhanced version of the Simple Socket Server (SSS) example that Altera has shipped for the past few years. The primary enhancements to this example are, enabled the InterNiche FTP server, enabled the InterNiche TFTP server, enabled the InterNiche FTP Client, enabled the InterNiche TFTP Client, enabled the InterNiche Telnet server, enabled the InterNiche console, enabled the InterNiche VFS file system, enabled the Altera ROZIPFS file system.
  • Media:New.gif Superloop Simple Socket Server Plus- This is a SUPERLOOP implementation of the Simple Socket Server Plus application. In this example the application is compiled with the InterNiche Stack running in superloop mode, without an RTOS.
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