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Nios II Command Line Example

Nios II Command Line Example

Design engineers are now commonly adding Altera’s Nios II processor to their FPGA designs in order to provide more features and improve system flexibility. However, designers have to revise their software codes several times if they need to make changes to the functionality of their system.

This Intelligent Command Line design example for Nios IIprovides a way that designers can execute different commands to issue different operations in the shell. It is not necessary to revise your software and download it again if you have one command line.

This design example provides the following features:

  • Framework - the intelligent command line provides a framework that designers can add their own command to
  • IO commands - commands to read and write IOs in different ways.
  • Memory commands - commands to read and write memory. It also provides commands to verify and test memory performance.
  • Benchmark commands - commands to test the Nios II system performance. This command integrates the Dhrystone benchmark software version 2.1.
  • Example - example to show designers how to add one new command.
  • Automated commands - the intelligent command line provides the ability to add all global functions in the Nios II software to a command line.
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