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Older Altera Quartus versions fail to launch the GUI with a Fatal Error: Segment Violation at (nil)

Some customers that are required to use older versions of Quartus.  Some older versions of Quartus were released with Intel PSG was still Altera.  When the software starts up there are settings to check the Altera website for updates and to confirm a connection to the Internet before launching the GUI.

In these cases, a user may see a fatal error and the GUI never launches:

*** Fatal Error: Segment Violation at (nil)
Module: quartus
Stack Trace:

When this occurs, try and find your quartus2.qreg file.

The PC quartus2.qreg file can be found in C:/Users/<username>/quartus2.qreg

The Linux quartus2.qreg file can be found in ~<username>/.altera.quartus/quartus2.qreg

Search for the following lines within the version of Quartus you are trying to launch:

For example for Quartus 13.1, here would be the lines to change highlighted in red.


Change to the following:


Then, try to re-launch Quartus.

This KDB complements this article:

This article should also be helpful to understand where to find the settings in the quartus2.qreg file for the following GUI message:

Do you want to check the Altera website for updates?  
Allocate some time for the Quartus II software to make the connection. 



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