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OpenCL Vector Addition Design Example with Double Buffering

OpenCL Vector Addition Design Example with Double Buffering


To optimize OpenCL host code, a data transfer often should be operated during a kernel running. In this page I will introduce some sample implementation to show you how to use double buffering techniques using Vector Addition design example in

Profiler.png (Click here for image)


  • Basic OpenCL API
  • Multiple defvice partitioning
  • OpenCL events and event profiling


  • Linux/Windows
  • Quartus Prime v16.0
  • Altera SDK for OpenCL v16.0

How to install

Just extract the tarball in some work directory.

How to run

$ cd vector_add

$ aoc device/ -o bin/vector_add.aocx --board xxx

$ make

$ bin/host

$ aocl report bin/profile.mon bin/vector_add.aocx


Link to download the project and application File:Dbuf.tar.gz


June 20, 2016 - Created this page

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