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Qsys Lab - Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer

Qsys Lab - Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer

These lab exercises help you become familiar with the Altera® Qsys system integration tool. The procedures are similar to the Qsys Tutorial Design Example on Altera's web site, but this lab offers a different design example and was used in an FAE Certification training class.

In these labs you design a system to analyze the frequency spectrum of an input audio signal, generate a picture of the frequency spectrum according to the results, and display it on an LCD screen. All of the data paths use Avalon® Streaming (Avalon-ST) interfaces. All the control signals use Avalon Memory-Mapped (Avalon-MM) interfaces. You complete the following objectives:Lab Overview 

  • Build a design with Qsys
  • Create custom IP for the Qsys library
  • Design a Qsys system with hierarchy
  • Simulate the Qsys system with Bus Functional Models (BFMs)
  • Debug and test the Qsys system with System Console

The exercises include the following labs:

  • Lab 1: Explore an existing Qsys design
  • Lab 2: Migrate a design from SOPC Builder to Qsys
  • Lab 3: Import a new component
  • Lab 4: Design a Qsys system
  • Lab 5: Perform simulation for a system (optional)
  • Lab 6: Use hierarchy to assemble the final Qsys system
  • Lab 7: Use System Console to debug the system (optional)

Required Software

  • Quartus® II software; this lab was tested with version 11.0 and may require changes for newer versions
  • ModelSim® Altera Edition; this lab was tested with version 11.0 and may require changes for newer version

Optional Hardware

  • Nios® II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK)
  • 3.5mm audio cable


File:Lab qsys-Verilog-11

File:Qsys 11 0 Lab Manual.docx

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