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Qsys Scripts

Qsys Scripts


This is a page to provide useful examples of Qsys system scripts. Qsys system scripts can be run with the qsys-script command line tool. The Tcl API for system scripting is documented in the Creating a System with Qsys chapter of the Quartus II Handbook.

Creating a Tcl script from a .qsys file

You will use the system script File:Save script.tcl to save a Qsys system to a Tcl script. Save this script to your working directory with your .qsys file. Make sure the script is named "save_script.tcl" when you save it.

To create a Tcl script based on a system:

qsys-script \

--cmd="set system_name <systemname>" \

--script=save_script.tcl \


To create the .qsys file from the saved script:

qsys-script --script=my_system.tcl

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