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RTK - Sierra, Hardware based real-time kernel

Sierra is the Real-Time Operating System implemented in hardware with a small SW interface. It is a full featured RTK that supports standard function as semafores, delay etc.. More information about Sierra in general can be found at

An experimental version of Sierra can be free downloaded to any Intel (Altera) FPGA Devices.

Key features

Complete OS or Real-Time Kernel A unique solution, implemented in hardware, which use the mass parallelism in hardware. Scheduler, time queues etc. in hardware.

Shorten Time-to-market Easy system integration, reduce development costs, simple memory mapped bus interface

Tiny footprint in memory With a user-friendly application programmers interface in C. The SW footprint is very small since the functionality is placed in hardware.

Enhanced performance and security Simplifies real-time analyze and behaviorally safe in hardware. Automatic deadline control under run time.

Time predictable and performance enhancing The most kernel calls to Sierras takes 1-4 bus cycles to execute and response time is predictable. No clock tick administration overhead.

Flexible and new possibilities Simple to add on new advanced functions to Sierra framework.

Version history
Last update:
‎06-27-2019 01:06 AM
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