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Reconfig Design Example 1

Reconfig Design Example 1



External Links

Altera Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide (PDF) 

Altera Stratix V Device Documentation

Altera Avalon Memory-Mapped Interface Specification (PDF)

Altera Reconfig Design File (ZIP) 

Design Specifications

The table below lists the specifications for this design:  

Device FamilyStratix V GX
Quartus versionQuartusII v11.0, b157
Modelsim versionModelsim SE v6.6d
Data patternPRBS 23
Number of channels
IP usedCustom PHY IP, Traceiver Reconfiguration Controller


Design Overview

This design implements the following blocks:

  1. Custom PHY IP
  2. Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller
  3. PRBS Generator
  4. PRBS Checker
  5. Avalon Memory-Mapped (MM) Master

Simulation Guidelines

The attached zip file has all the required design and simulation files. To start the simulation, launch Modelsim and source phy_sim_top.tcl

Update History

  1. Initial Release - May 05 2011 

 See Also

  1.  Transceiver design examples 


Key Words

Stratix V, Custom PHY IP, Tranceiver Reconfiguration Controller 


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