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Reference or Design Example Template

Reference or Design Example Template

<Enter the last date page and files changed substanitally here, not just spelling errors or formating changes to the wiki page >

  Last Major Update

Minor change information can be seen from the history tab.


<Describe what this design example is and its end application purpose, include situations where you can use it. Why would someone care about this example or project?>

<Also please include an overall block diagram graphic here if you have one>


<Describe the contents of the attached files for downloading the project or example>

< If your description is entirely wiki based and not in an attached document, place your detail in this section>

<Link to the files you want to share, you must "Upload file(s)" first from left navigation menu>

See Upload Help and Linking Files Help for more information on this. 


<What are the Quartus version or other tool support requirements?>

<What are the device/hardware/IP version requirements?>

<What are the versions of Quartus II and other tools used to test this design out?>

<What are software requirements if this project contains or runs with embedded software?>

See Also

<References to other wiki pages or standard vendor/Altera documents useful in working with this example>

Update History

<Major revision information that is useful for the user of this page, minor changes are in the revision history tab>

<This section would likely be updated with each major update to the project or example to describe what's new and why it's an update>

Outdated Releases

<As an example or project matures, it may be nice to move references to outdated releases to the bottom of the wiki page so they are not gone from the current wiki page, just demoted a bit.>

<Things that may have been stated in the contents section above and pointers to older releases of the content can be relocated down here for archival purposes>

<It's scarry how often you wish you could find that thing from 3 years ago that most folks have lost interest in>

Other sections which may make sense for certain projects or examples:

  • Downloading
  • Installing
  • Building
  • Running
  • Uninstalling
  • Removing
Performance Metrics
  • Area
  • Speed
Latest Test Statistics
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