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Remote System Update with AVMM Interface

Remote System Update with AVMM Interface

This is a RSU example design developed on Stratix V GX DSP Dev Kit using ACDS 14.0 Internal host with JTAG Master to Avalon MM. The design is based on AN603 documentation.

PC is able to access the RSU Controller and ASMI controller through JTAG.

For RSU Controller, user can read the status of the Remote Update status, watchdog timer, Boot Address and performed reconfiguration. For ASMI controller, user can read FLASH ID, Flash status, Flash Address, Sector Erase, single byte data and full image programming.

The Avalon-MM wrapper is easily port over to other FPGA device family.

Below is the System-Console GUI for easier access to the Remote System Update. 

RSU_GUI.jpg (Click here for image)

Below is the Quartus project. File:AVMM EPCQ.qar

Below is the Qsys Component file File:Qsys Component

Below is the System Console GUI tcl file File:AVMM EPCQ.tcl

Below is the Address Mapping. RSU Controller.

NameAddress OffsetWidthAccessDescription
Trigger Condition0x05ReadReconfiguration Trigger Condition
Watchdog Timeout0x212Read/WriteWatchdog Timeout Value - MSB of 29 bit counter
Watchdog Enable0x31Read/WriteEnable or disable watchdog timer
Boot Address0x432Read/WriteReconfiguration Address location
AnF0x51Read/WriteFactory or Application Image

[0] Factory Image

[1] Application Image

Other0x83Read/Write[0] Reonfigure

[1] Reset Timer

[2] POF Error

ASMI Controller

NameAddress OffsetWidthAccessDescription
Address0x1032Read/WriteFlash Address
ReadID0x118ReadReading Flash ID
ReadStatus0x128ReadReading Flash Status
Sector Protect0x148WriteSector Protect Data based on sector location
Sector Erase0x1532WriteSector Erase based on the Flash address location
Data0x1C9Read/Write[8] Address + 1 after read/write

[7-0] Flash Data

Please refer to for more information on Remote System Update design

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