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Remote System Update Examples

Get Remote System UpdateExamples for the NEEK here:

Altera Mandelbrot C2H

§ Download Flash file for FPGA Hardware and SoftwareImage

§ Download (Optional)SOF and ELF files (Not required for remote system update)

Altera Picture Viewer

§ Download Flash file for FPGA Hardware and SoftwareImage

§ Download (Optional)SOF and ELF files (Not required for remote system update)

Nios bootloader

nios2ecos contains a bootloader that uses the Remote System Update feature to allow a different FPGA image for the bootloader and firmware.


1.    Download the Remote System Update Examples above to your local PC

2.    Unzip to any directory on local PC

3.    Follow the Instructions for Remote System udpate

Create your own Remote System update Flash files Using a Script

If you want to take your own .SOF and .ELF files and create .FLASH files so you can remotely download them to the NEEK then:

1.    Download the flash conversion script

2.    Launch a Nios II Command Shell (Start -> Programs -> Altera -> Nios II <version> EDS -> Nios II Command Shell)

3.    Copyyour hardware image (.SOF) and software image (.ELF) to the directory where you downloaded the script

  1. FromwithintheNios II Command Shell,navigate tolocation of thescript and the.ELF and .SOFandtype

./ <your_sw_app.elf> <your_hw.sof>

Return to NEEK Remote System Update Page

Click here to understand what Remote System Update is, get instruction on how to use it, and on how to convert your design to .FLASH format for remote system update.

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