Running DDR3 Memory Test with NIOSII

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Running DDR3 Memory Test with NIOSII

Running DDR3 Memory Test with NIOSIQuartus II v16.0

Design Specifications

MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit

Design Overview

As MAX 10 DDR3 UniPHY controller is not support EMIF toolkit. This wiki link is introduced to demonstrate how to run memory test on particular memory address using NIOS II eclipse memory test template. The purpose of this design example is to ease user to determine which memory address is fail on DDR3 read/write transaction.

Running the memory test

1) Run full compilation on testddr3_nios_ddr3.qar with Quartus 16.0

2) Launch Quartus Programmer and program testddr3.sof to the MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit

3) Launch NIOS II 16.0 Software Build Tools for Eclipse

4) Go to File Tab and click NIOS II Application and BSP from Template

5) Set as below and click finish:

  • SOPC Information File name : q_sys.sopcinfo
  • Project name : Memory_Test_MAX10_DDR3
  • Project Template: Memory Test (BSP Setting.PNG - Click here to view image)

6) Under Project Explorer, right click Memory_Test_MAX10_DDR3_bsp. Move to Nios II and click Generate BSP

7) Under Project Explorer, right click Memory_Test_MAX10_DDR3. Move to Run AS and click 3 Nios II Hardware

8) Under Nios II Console Tab, type 'a' then 'enter' to select 'Test RAM'

9) Follow the instruction by enter start and end address range to test the RAM. For this Qsys design, the DDR3 address range is 0x0000_0000 to 0X07ff_ffff


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