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Setting up a new CentOS Hyper-V VM for Linux NIOSII EDS development on a Windows PC

Setting up a new CentOS Hyper-V VM for Linux NIOSII EDS development on a Windows PC


This article is dedicated to Quartus NIOSII EDS users that may be struggling to run NIOSII EDS and Eclipse in a Windows OS environment.  Cygwin was removed from Quartus starting in version 19.1 and some users have had trouble mixing earlier versions of Quartus supporting Cygwin with more recent versions of Quartus that require a separate WSL installation.  The information below will help users setup a Linux virtual machine on their Windows PC.  Using the Linux virtual machine for NIOSII EDS development will decouple a user from potential conflicts between multiple Quartus versions, file permissions issues, WSL, and WSL2.

The attached document describes the process to do the following:

- Enabling Hyper-V on your Windows PC

- Installing a CentOS virtual machine (VM)

- Setting up CentOS

- Setting up Hyper-V on the Windows PC

- Install and configure WinSCP for file transfer between Windows OS and CentOS

- Downloading Quartus tools for Linux

- Installing CentOS development tools

- Setting up a JTAG server in the Quartus programmer on the Windows PC

- Connecting to the remote JTAG server in CentOS

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Make sure you also do the following:
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wslpath: <path to Nios II Command Shell script>

nios2-elf-gcc.exe: error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory



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