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Small TSE MAC Ethernet Example

Small TSE MAC Ethernet Example

The Small TSE MAC example shows how to configure the Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore to use fewer logic resources than the standard MAC.The 10/100 Mbps design utilizes approximately 8800 logic elements and the 1000 Mbps design utilized about 8300.The design was created using version 7.2 of the Altera tools. It runs on the Nios II Development Board, Cyclone II Edition and requires a Marvell 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY daughter card connected to the Proto2 expansion headers. You can run the Simple Socket Server software example (installed with the Nios II EDS) on this design as a starting point.

The file contains the design configured for 10/100 Mbps operation and the file contains the design configured for 1000 Mbps operation.

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