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Super Loop NicheStack

Super Loop NicheStack


The NicheStack networking stack, as delivered by Altera in the Nios II EDS, requires you to make use of the MicroC/OS-II operating system.  This requirement is enforced through the GUI configuration wizard, makefile scripts, and source file layout in the Nios II EDS.  However, the NicheStack networking stack as originally created by [1] was designed to operate with AND without an RTOS (called "Super Loop" mode by InterNiche).

The ZIP file attached to this wiki page contains instructions that will show you how to create a a "Super Loop" version of the NicheStack software component.  Additionally, a modified version of the "Simple Socket Server" application is also included for you to test your system. This download does NOT include the source code for the NicheStack networking stack- to get this, you must have the Nios II EDS, version 7.1 or greater.


Unfortunately, these instructions need to be updated again. While following these procedures will result in a "Super Loop" system, there are some unfortunate side-effects caused by the Nios II IDEs inability to deal with symbolic links correctly, which will result in the following bad "behavior":

  • Memory leak (repetetive calls to cygpath, which never exit)
  • Source code visibility during debug (not available)

I will be re-patching the instructions today... Sorry again, folks <span style="color: red" />


Review the NicheStack licensing terms - this is a text document, so download it to your machine to view it properly)

[Note: These instructions differ from the original ones I posted here, and should be much easier to implement. My apologies to all the people that had build issues with the previous version.]

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