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System Console Quick Start Guide

System Console Quick Start Guide

This page will hopefully help users to quickly get up and running, to do useful things in System Console.

Starting System Console

  • From SOPC Builder, click Tools --> Launch System Console
  • From Nios II 8.0 Command Shell, type "system-console"
    • If you have the Quartus Project handy, try "system-console -jdi=<quartus_proj>.jdi". This will give System Console more information about the JTAG nodes in your system.

Reading and Writing Memory with a Nios II Processor

This assumes that only one Nios II Processor exists in the system. If one or more Nios II's or a JTAG Avalon Master exists, then in Step 1 you might have to change the list index to get the correct master.

   0. <From System Console shell>

  1. set nios [ lindex [ get_service_paths master ] 0 ] - might need to change the index number if there are > 1 masters.
  2. open_service master $nios
  3. processor_stop $nios - the Nios must be in debug mode to access memory 
  4. master_read_memory $nios 0x00000 4 - Read 4 bytes starting at address 0x00000.
  5. master_write_memory $nios 0x00000 [ list 0xaa 0xbb 0xcc 0xdd ]  - Writes 0xaa to address 0x0, 0xbb to addr 0x1, etc.
  6. close_service master $nios - release SLD Node lock when finished.
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