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Terasic Technologies

Terasic Technologies

Company Profile


Terasic Technologies is the exclusive provider of Altera University Program FPGA development kits, as well as the exclusive manufacturer for all Altera development kits. Founded in 2003, Terasic offers services in FPGA/ASIC Design, High Speed Board Design and Layout, Low Cost Board Design, Device Drivers, and all other support Softwares and Documentations. 


Altera Univerity Program: DE2

One of the best-selling development kits from Terasic, the DE2 has sold tens of thousands of units world-wide. The purpose of the Altera DE2 Development and Education board is to provide the ideal vehicle for advanced design prototyping in the multimedia, storage, and networking. The board offers a rich set of features that make it suitable for use in a laboratory environment for university and college courses, for a variety of design projects, as well as for the development of sophisticated digital systems. Altera provides a suite of supporting materials for the DE2 board, including tutorials, "ready-to-teach" laboratory exercises, and illustrative demonstrations. 



  1. Altera Supplier Excellence Award 2006
  2. Altera Supplier Excellence Award 2007
  3. Altera Supplier Excellence Award 2008
  4. Altera Supplier Excellence Award 2010


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