Tips for Incremental Compilation and LogicLock

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Tips for Incremental Compilation and LogicLock

Tips for Incremental Compilation and LogicLock

This document describes various tips for using Incremental Compilation and LogicLock.   

File:Tips for IncrementalCompilation LogicLock.pdf

Here is the Table of Contents for reference:

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Timing Analysis 3

 Tip – Analyze paths from/to the source and destination of critical path 4

 Tip – Locate multiple paths to the Chip Planner 6

 Tip – Create a .tcl script to monitor critical paths across compiles 7

Incremental Compilation and LogicLock – Brief Overview 7

 Tip – Monitor area and slack differences when adding partitions 8

 Tip – Optimize Screen Space for LogicLock and Design Partition Windows 8

Basic Incremental Compilation Tips 9

 Tip: Quick Block Stitch with Partitions 9

 Tip: Create a Black-Box for Incomplete or Invalid Logic 11

 Tip: Put Non-Altera IP into Empty Partition 12

 Tip: Create Empty Partitions to Save Space 12

 Tip: Put Hierarchy Being Modified into a Partition for Quick Compiles 13

 Tip: Set the Top level partition to Post-fit when using SignalTap 13

 Tip: Partition I/O Interfaces 14

Incremental Compilation for Isolating Hierarchies 14

 Tip: Get as Much Margin as Possible When Designing Blocks 15

 Tip: Hierarchy Isolation Method 1 - Set Partition Top to Empty 16

 Tip: Hierarchy Isolation Method 2 - Set Adjacent Partitions to Empty 17

Incremental Compilation for Performance 18

 Tip: When Preserving Performance of a Partition, Create a .qxp 19

 Tip: Incremental Compilation for Performance Method 1: Building Up a Design 20

 Tip: Incremental Compilation for Performance Method 2: Isolating Multiple Partitions 21

 Tip: LogicLock when Preserving Performance with Incremental Compilation? 22

Floorplanning with LogicLock Regions 23

 Tip: Floorplanning I/O Interfaces 24

 Tip: Floorplan for Incremental Compilation on a Single Hierarchy 25

Floorplanning the Entire Design for Incremental Compilation 26

 Tip: Do not create too many Design Partitions or LogicLock Regions 27

 Tip: Avoid over-using Floating or Auto-Sized LogicLock regions 27

 Tip: Right-Click Locate Hierarchies from Project Navigator to Chip Planner 28

Floorplannining for Performance 29

Low-Level Floorplanning 29

 Tip: Putting critical paths in a LogicLock Region usually does not improve timing 29

 Tip: Over-Constraining 30

High-Level Floorplanning 31

 Tip: Think Up-Front If Design Can Be Floorplanned 31

 Tip: Use Block Diagram 33

 Tip: Analyze the Unfloorplanned Fit 33

 Tip: Keep It Simple 35

 Tip: Over Floorplan when Obvious 36

 Tip: Floorplan to Break Timing 37

 Tip: Add set_false_path to Test How Potential Modifications Effect Overall Fit 38

Conclusion 39

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