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Top qxp export

Top qxp export

This set of scripts was originally written Railing Tangga to export a DSP Builder generated Quartus II project as a .qxp to avoid filename interactions. The end result is a tool which exports the "Top" partition from a Quartus II project in the same directory as the scripts into a .qxp file. In addition, support files including Verilog instantiation, VHDL component, and schematic symbol files are created. Poker Online Uang Asli Florist Jakarta Jual Bunga Mawar Murah </p><p>

</p><p>First, copy the scripts into the same directory as the Quartus II project to export (only the .bat/.tcl are necessary on Windows, .sh/.tcl in bash). The script can be run on Windows by double clicking the .bat file, or in bash by running the .sh script. Note that quartus_sh must be available in your PATH variable. To debug the script in Windows, open a Command Prompt and drag the .bat to the window, then hit enter. You will be able to read any Error messages in the Command Prompt window. </p><p>

</p><p>The Windows .bat file and bash .sh file are (should be) functionally identical. First, the script verifies whether there is a Quartus II project in the current directory by checking for a .qpf file. If no .qpf file is found, the script prints out that there is no Quartus II project in the current directory and then quits. If there is a .qpf in the current directory, the script detects the project name and runs quartus_sh. The top_qxp_export.tcl script is called by quartus_sh with the project name as an argument to the script.


</p><p>The Tcl script opens the Quartus II project using the name passed by the script's argument. A post-synthesis .qxp netlist of the Top partition is exported with the same name as the project, along with a Verilog _inst.v instantiation file, a VHDL .cmp component declaration, and a .bsf schematic symbol. These can be used to instantiate the .qxp file in a separate Quartus II project. To use the .qxp in a seperate project, simply add the .qxp file to the new project and instantiate in your source by : Melbourne Web Developer. </p><p>

</p><p>Note: the top_qxp_export design features Mercurial revision control. </p><p>

</p><p>Versions tested: QII 9.1sp2 (expected to work across most versions) </p><p>

</p><p><img src="ef=" _fck_mw_filename="Top qxp" alt="" /> </p><p>


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