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Triple Rate SDI II Quad Instance Simulation/Compilation Design Example

Triple Rate SDI II Quad Instance Simulation/Compilation Design Example




This design example shows how multiple SDI II IP Cores are instantiated. Because the Reconfiguration Router Altera provided is complicated, this design example directly connects the reconfiguration interface bypassing the Reconfiguration Router. Another benefit of using this design is that you can open and edit the IP Cores in the design by IP parameter editor unlike SDI II's standard design example.

Design File

Stratix V devices: File:S5gxsdi ii 15.1 quad

Tool Requirements

Quartus Prime software version 15.1

ModelSim simulator

Simulating the design

1) Open ./simulation/modelsim/run.tcl with a text editor

2) Chenge line 11 'set QUARTUS_INSTALL_DIR "/tools/acds/15.1.2/current.linux/linux64/quartus/" to specify your Quartus Prime software install directory

3) Save it and close the editor

4) Launch ModelSim

5) In the ModelSim, change directory to ./simulation/modelsim

6) Type 'do run.tcl'

Compiling the design

1) Open ./s5gxsdi_ii.qpf with Quartus Prime software

2) Compile it

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‎06-26-2019 01:36 AM
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