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Intel CPU i9-9980hk

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CPU quickly reaches 96° Under Core Temp it shows several cores (!)! Is this normal or is the CPU defective It's funny when I'm on the Profile Battery Safe. Does it run normally? Thermal paste I have an Alphacool Apex on it Fans were also cleaned. Anyone have any ideas? With kind regards
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i9-9980hk is a "mobile CPU" (meaning the common target is laptops... but sometimes also SFF, AIO, or mini pcs)...
Is your computer a laptop? did you change or reapply the thermal paste (it seems so but not clear to me...)


Because this cpu is unlocked and powerful, the heat it may generate should be higher than a regular mobile cpu... you may need to adjust cooling settings on your BIOS and look if there are BIOS updates available...


and when is it reaching 96C? while gaming or on regular tasks? occasional and short temp spikes are expected under demanding workloads (like heavy games or if using high/full settings)...

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