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Struggle with games


I'm trying to play one of my downloaded games but I cant, it says I need to download some updated driver so I did. Intel says that my driver are up to date but my games doesn't says so. Every time I try to open the game it keeps popping up with the same message. I keep going to the intel website and see if I missed out on a download but I'm up to date, I reset my laptop but still with the same message. If I ignore the message my game is laggy, audio is broken and its hard to control anything. I use a ASUS laptop but the message says I need to update intel driver which I have. Help!!



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So the Intel support engineers can have more information about your system, Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility ( ) for Windows. Select all data categories and then have it generate a report. Next, have the tool Save the report to a text file (don't try to use the Submit capability; it doesn't work). Finally, using the Drag and drop here or browse files to attach dialog below the edit box for the body of your response post, upload and attach this file to the response post.

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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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@Tola1 were you able to generate the report requested in the previous post? Please share it so we can help you.


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Hello Tola1,

We hope you are doing fine.


We have not heard back from you. So we will close this thread. If you need any additional information, submit a new question, as this thread will no longer be monitored.


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