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So I contacted Microsoft community support about an issue and they told me to contact intel:

So I use an intel iris xe graphics card and recently, I've been noticing 1 fps in a bunch of games. While I was playing valorant today, I was getting 180 fps and suddenly the game started lagging and got stuck on 1 fps. Felt like I was watching a powerpoint presentation. Next I opened rocket league and the fps went from straight 144 to 1 in the menu itself. Since the issue occured in online games, I launched Tomb Raider and yay! Fps is 1. Quite weirdly, fortnite seems to be the only game not having this issue. All other games I have tested reports intense 1fps. I've done my research and it seems that this issue has been with a lotta people using intel graphics. Tried updating,rolling back and uninstalling. Whenever a new (or old) driver comes up the issue stops for the first time I open the game. Second time, BOOM. I fps.

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Very unlikely that this is a driver issue if it is true that every one and other newer or older drivers causes the issue to return after the first time each driver is installed... probably you have another strange/unidentified issue, a BIOS or OS issue... or a hardware issue

What is the model of the system and what drivers have you tested?

Run this tool, check all the categories and once the scan is done, change from Summary to Detailed and save the report as a txt file... then upload it here in the forum (don't use the Submit option in the tool, it doesn't work)...


One more thing... do you notice the system is overheating when this happens?

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Well yeah, it could be a bios problem. But what concerns me is how the game works fine the first time I get a new or old driver. And no, the system usually goes to 78c while gaming. So no overheating. Also, I recently had a BSOD saying video_TDR_error. Here you go:

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Here's a new SSU: 

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Ok... so you're running Windows 11... however, HP doesn't have "real Windows 11 graphics drivers" for your system and this OS (those Win 11 drivers are the ones starting with 30.0.x.x).

The latest driver I see is Rev.F


You may try the latest generic from Intel that is compatible for Win 11. However, keep in mind that this is a generic driver and it may cause the system to loose customizations supported by the custom HP driver or cause customizations to not work properly...

Intel driver


If the issue is not solve, I would ask HP for an updated custom driver from their end and valid for Win 11...


the TDR failure indeed seems to be related to Chipset compatibility issues or BIOS issues... See this article.

Of course, the "solution" changing the motherboard to an upgraded version of 500 Series chipset it not suitable/feasible for laptops, and if you're already running the latest BIOS, then I think you need to discuss this with HP...



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Yeah. HP doesn't have any new drivers and when  I updated to Intel's 1191 graphics driver, it behaved just like all the past ones. 1 FPS. Currently I am using 9805 and no issues till now. I shall contact HP and check with them about the issue. Thanks for helping.