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1 fps after updating UHD 620 latest driver


Hi, after I updated Intel UHD 620 driver to its latest version, some games started going on 1 fps, Fortnite isn't loading on performance mode when it was perfectly fine, Valorant is stuck at 1 fps, Rocket League is loading on 20 fps when I usually play at 60. What should I do?

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For Valorant, this is a known issue, there are many posts about it in this forum... if you check them you would see that there is no real solution for this:


For the other ones, well... you didn't provide any info about your system or what driver you have now and which one you had... it's hard to help when users don't provide minimum info... If you wish more help from Intel... run the Intel® System Support Utility for Windows* software, when finish scan, change the view from Summary to Detailed, save the txt file and upload it here in the thread...


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FYI I'm having this issue as well on my HP laptop. HP support gave me links to reinstall BIOS and graphics driver and that worked, but when I started my laptop this morning I unthinkingly installed an Intel update and all my games are running at 1 FPS again. I'm using Windows 11. Incredibly frustrating.
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I have the exact same issues in the exact same games. Not found a fix for Fortnite yet. Weirdly, it stutters only in performance mode for me. Not in Dx12. It should be the opposite. 1 FPS in Valorant is quite common and what I did to solve the problem was update, NOT to the newest driver, but driver This driver also worked for me in rocket league. Personally, your graphics card isn't the best and could have slightly worn out. I use an intel iris xe (integrated) and considering intel's, it's quite good. BTW I'm also having an HP laptop. As far as I know, installing the bios update might improve performance but the 1 fps is intel's driver's fault and nothing else.  Resetting didn't work, for me atleast. Reinstalling and verifying Fortnite won't work. Also, if you are installing a new bios, you might want to make a recovery drive since HP's bios updates can be quite the drama queen. Tons and tons of people have had to give their laptops to get fixed. Hope installing the driver I mentioned above would work.

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