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4k60hz monitor stuck in 30hz

New 4k LG 27UK650 monitor hooked up to pc with supplied display port cable. Display Port 1.2 enabled in OSD. Unable to set the refresh rate to 60hz in the Intel Graphics Setting. Only 29 and 30hz are available. How do I enable 4k 60hz?

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Community Manager

Hello kcortez,

Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.

I understand that you are unable to get 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz refresh rate on your monitor. I would like to provide some recommendations.

Based on the reports attached, you already have the latest graphics driver version available for Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 installed, which is always recommended.

Because your processor's GPU supports 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, I was wondering whether you are using a straight-through connection with a single cable. If you are already using a straight-through connection, you can also check whether your monitor has this setting on: HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color. According to your monitor manual, 4K@60 Hz Support Format is only supported When HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color is set to ON.

Wanner G.


Hello Wanner,

Yes, I am using a straight-through connection which is one display port cable supplied with the monitor. The HDMI ULTRA HD Deep color setting is greyed out because im using a display port instead of an HDMI cable. I did however test with the supplied hdmi cable and the results were the same even with the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep color setting turned on.


I figured it out. Since I had a discrete GPU also used in my computer, it was set as the primary graphics adapter in the BIOS. I had to switch it to Onboard. I am now able to use 4k60hz on both HDMI and Display Ports. Now, another other issue is getting Netflix to play in 4k HDR. YouTube 4k HDR works fine, but not Netflix. Using the windows app of Netflix, the titles that are supposedly 4k HDR do not indicate that they are on the Windows Netflix app. It just says HD.

Edit*UPDATE*: After some research, I had to install this HEVC Video Extensions in this link and Netflix now plays in 4k HDR.…

I gotta say. Getting 4k HDR to play on PC is quite the obstacle! Everything has to be perfectly set up.