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630 uhd intel graphic all the time idle I9 9900K


I've just build a computer few days ago, from bios master aourus I enabled that integraded graphic and device manager in windows founded it.


First drivers I installed were from official website and nothing happened, then windows update after i uinstalled first drivers, i've got useless control panel that is not doing anything, showing only OS options.


For windows moves, internet exploring, movies I'd like to use that graphic card instead of my dedicated graphic card.


In my old gaming laptop I had option to which program which graphic processor I want to use. driver that I have now


Please tell me what I should do to get that work if possible.



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In Desktop designs, when the BIOS sees that there is an add-in graphics card present, it will, by default, disable the processor's graphics engine. There will be a parameter somewhere in BIOS Setup that will allow you to indicate that the BIOS should leave the processor's graphics engine enabled regardless. In your board, it is in the Chipset parameters and is named Internal Graphics. Change its setting from Auto to Enabled. There is also a parameter in the Peripherals parameters named Initial DisplayOutput. Change this from PCIe 1 Slot to IGFX if you want one of the monitor(s) connected to the motherboard to be used for BIOS output rather than one of the monitor(s) connected to the add-in graphics card.


Hope this helps,


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