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About the problem of restarting the splash screen after the 3rd image processor driver is installed


Dear technicians

My CPU model is i5-3570k. Recently, there is a problem with the independent graphics card, so I need to use the graphics processing function on the CPU. I downloaded the Intel driver and support assistant on the Intel official website, downloaded the latest 3rd graphics processing driver [15.33] according to the test results, and restarted the computer according to the requirements after completing the driver. When I entered the computer desktop, there was a splash screen situation. I found the older 3th graphics processing driver on the Intel official website, and it was also a splash screen situation after restarting. My computer can only be used under the standard VGA graphics adapter.

Ask Intel technical personnel to help, as soon as possible can use the CPU image processing function!

Thank you very much.4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg1.jpg

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Only one post of your problem is necessary. Please interact through original post.


I'm very sorry that the image is not in English. I'm not sure which major I should post questions to. I'm eager to ask for help. Thank you for your reply.