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Acer Aspire E 15, with Intel HD Graphics, Windows 10 - Oct 2018 rel

I'm on the Windows Insider Slow track so I've just received release17744.rs5 (October 2018) of Windows 10 home edition. I hope you will be proactive and talk with Microsoft and Acer to resolve the issue below in a timely fashion.

Among other things, this release has blocked the "Intel(r) HD Graphics" as shown below with error code 48, known to cause issues with Windows. This has worked fine on my Acer until this update. Since the implementation of Windows 10 several years back, Acer has taken the position that further driver updates are under Microsoft's umbrella.

Notice - however Microsoft's instruction said "Contact the hardware vendor."

Microsoft also installed a work around of a "generic" display, so I'm able to write this note with clarity. However, when I opened the app, "SketchUp 2017" I got the error message of no "graphic accelerator." In short, the generic MS driver doesn't cut it and your product is blocked. I have many sketch up files that I cannot open, let alone use for making Christmas gifts (I'm a woodworker on a very small budget), and get this, the makers of SketchUp changed the file format so I can't roll back to an earlier version of SketchUp and I can't use SketchUp 2018. I'm up the creek. I've enclosed Sketch Screen views of the various messages in the hopes that you can sort this out.

In the meantime, I will be busy trying to recover my designs in some form or fashion time to save Christmas.

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Hello robert49,



Thank you for joining the Intel Communities.



Drivers we have currently available on our website have not been validated for Beta versions of the operating system. It might be expected drivers and applications may not work correctly in versions of Windows* that are still under testing.



What I can recommend is to provide this feedback to Microsoft* directly using their Feedback Hub app. This link will show you how to submit feedback to them directly





Fred D.