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After sleeping windows the image is broken, Intel 530 15.47

I updated the intel (15.47) and nvidia (388.0) graphics yesterday, and every time, without exception I get some vertical colored lines without meaning, totally broken image, the computer continues to run normally and I can log in and turn off the computer with the keyboard without seeing what is on the screen.

  • uninstall the NVIDIA graphics card, it keeps happening.
  • uninstall the Intel and Nvidia graphics card with cleaning tools in safe mode and reinstall it to install only the Intel, still happening.
  • uninstall the Intel graphics card and try the previous version (15.46, and 15.40), and it continues to happen, although it is very likely that I used to have an older one.
  • Try to clean again in safe mode and install the latest versions of both graphics again, it keeps happening.

Notebook: Msi GE62 6QD Intel i7-6700HQ Intel HD 530 Windows 10


Bios: E16J5IMS.119


Can you help me?

I discard it to be the nvidia card because it only allows me to sleep the computer installing the graphics card of intel, if I do not install it I do not have the option to sleep.

It did not happen before updating.

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Hello e_e,

I would like to confirm that Intel is investigating this issue.

Please refer to this thread: /thread/116427 HD 630 Resume From Standby Screen Flickering

This is where we will be posting all news and updates concerning this situation.

I'll proceed to lock this thread in order to keep all reports under the same thread for increased visibility.

Kindest Regards,

Ronald M.

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