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After the latest graphics driver update, online videos show only a black screen?




My laptop (Dell, Inspiron 15, 5567) had been running games rather badly for the past few weeks. Games such as Garry's Mod, which I could run before without a problem, now frequently crashed and made the game unplayable. So, I figured my graphics driver was probably old. It was but it wouldn't let me update, something about Dell not letting me, because they wanted me to download it from their site, (I tried but they don't update their drivers and they said it was the latest version when it wasn't.) So I downloaded and installed it manually, which worked. The Intel website, now said all my drivers were up to date. The problem is, since the update all my videos are now a black screen. Videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Amazon Prime, everything are now all black. Audio is working fine however, and when I hover over the video progress line, I see what my video is supposed to show. This is a big problem, and one I've never had before. Furthermore, if I uninstall the graphics driver, (display adapter) through device manager my videos now work fine? But I can't go on using my computer daily, for work or games without a graphics driver!


Is there anything I could do to fix this problem? I've already restarted my computer countless times, tried playing videos through edge instead of chrome, redownloaded chrome, redownloaded adobe flash player, cleared my computer of unused storage space, cleared my chrome cashe and cookies. All to no avail. The problem lies clearly in the driver and I'm not sure what to do?


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if I didn't explain things clearly enough.



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Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility for Windows and save the report to a file. Then, using the paperclip icon below the edit window, upload and attach this file to a response post.


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