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Any of the new Intel Modern Drivers with HD615 has a cap on GPU Frequency in OpenGL



The device I'm using is a GPD Win 2, it's a handheld PC with Intel 7Y30 SoC.  Using ANY of the modern drivers since December 2018, will cause ANY OpenGL instance to not use peak GPU frequencies.

And really there are two problems with this.

1.) Intel lists 7Y30 has having a top GPU frequency of 900Mhz.  I have been testing this device for over a year at 15w TDP, considerably more energy required to hit max CPU and GPU frequencies and I have never been able to reach 900Mhz using ANY API.  I thought this was a hardware bug and Intel was mis-reporting the top GPU frequency.  But now that I see OpenGL is selectively using considerably less that 848Mhz perhaps GPU frequency is controlled in the drivers?

2.) Latest Intel Drivers will never allow full GPU frequency when using OpenGL atm.

Literally you can test this on any 7Y30 platform as I do have a few from different ODMs and they all have the same issue.  

My Request:

If GPU Frequency is capped at the driver level, can you please uncap this or allow the option to uncap it for users so that we can get better GPU performance?

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