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BSOD WHEA Intel-UHD-Graphics-630 Windows 10 (1809) caused by current installers?

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Introduction, Intel-UHD-Graphics-630 can be:

1. Disabled (example by BIOS).

2. Enabled and having Monitor(s) connected to it.

3. Enabled but not having any monitor connected to it (example only used by software). Found also no pre-condition that it is not supported by the installer or driver.


Problem 1: Option 3 "Not having a monitor connected" looks not to be covered by the current installers.  Even causing BSOD and not waking up from sleep.


Note 1: Problems might be caused by changes in Windows 10 since Version 1809.



1. Using Intel installer (fresh Ala Intel, no internet, all older versions removed, restarted etc.).

2. Having Intel® UHD Graphics 630 enabled in bios (BIOS setting "IGD Multi monitor" is "Enabled").

3. Adapter visible in Windows (without any driver as "unknown device").

3. Having no Monitor connected to Intel® UHD Graphics 630, so installer (as administrator)  will "run" on Monitor connected to another Graphics.


Windows 10 (1809), after first restart of the installation "Intel® UHD Graphics 630" driver (see note 2) does read and stores properties for "Intel® UHD Graphics 630".


Note 2: For a short moment a black window is shown on the Monitor connected to another Graphics.

Looks to me the "Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)".


After installation feature BSOD becomes enabled.


Note 3: The BSODs have a to regular pattern.

After several (4-5) reboots (via power button) the BSOD does not appear anymore.

After a cold-boot (morning) the pattern is back again. 

After warm-boot (re-install) the pattern is back again. 


Note 4: It looks that Windows tries to be Intelligent, trying alternative features to detect or access possible Monitors on the enabled "Intel® UHD Graphics 630" after each BSOD and restart.


I have reason to suspect:

1. Windows to have stored and trying invalid "features" for "Intel® UHD Graphics 630" and the not connected Monitors.

2. The new DCH 630 drivers not to be robust enough (should not result in BSOD).







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24-1-2019 Already received response from Intel that they are working on a solution. 👌

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24-1-2019 Already received response from Intel that they are working on a solution. 👌

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Hello SRave1, Thank you for joining this Intel Community. Since the issue reported is already being investigated, we will close this interaction. Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation