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Black screen and crash



I have an intel arc a770 16GB LE and while gaming I have always had this strange black screen and then a reboot, no matter the type of game (Ghostwire tokyo with RT on or a less stressful apex legends).

for the first couple of months I hoped it was the driver that needed a bit of work form you guys but now I think the GPU is the problem.

First of all, temperature are pretty good, 50 celsius degree for the CPU and 70 the GPU.

My second thought was the PSU, 600W BeQuiet, but during the OCCT PSU stress test (with both CPU and GPU 100%) it had no problem.

The last thing I have done is install my very old Nvidia GTX 760, after a DDU cleaning, and it's 4 days i am experimenting no crash in apex legends or chivalry 2. (my eyes are crashing with no AA and low settings)  

Can you please help me?

Thank you and sorry for my poor english.

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Hello @Ulcade



Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. We would be more than glad to help you with your issue.


In order to have a better understanding of your issue, please provide me with the following:


·        screenshots/photos/videos of the issue.

·        Does the issue happen after a Software/hardware update?


Also, please follow these instructions and provide us with the following information:

·        Intel System Support Utility (Intel SSU) report.

o   [Download the Intel SSU]

o   Open the application and click "Scan" to see the system and device information. By default, Intel SSU will take you to the "Summary View."

o   Click on the menu where it says: "Summary" to change it to "Detailed View."

o   To save your scan: click "Next"; then "Save."

·        Intel® Graphics Command Center report:

o   Open the Intel Graphics Command Center

o   Navigate to the Support tab

o   Select System Diagnostic

o   Click Generate Report

o   Select Save and name the output file.



In case you would like to get more information about this issue, feel free to review the following article(s):


- How to Resolve Issue with Black Screen While Using the System with Discrete Graphics

- Black Screen when Trying to Open Games with Intel® Arc™ Graphics



Best regards,

Isaac Q. 

Intel Customer Support Technician


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Hello Ulcade


We hope you are doing fine.


Were you able to check the previous post?

Let us know if you still need assistance.


Best regards,

Isaac Q. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Try this:

1. Make sure that ReBAR is enabled in BIOS - without ReBAR Arcs just randomly crash...

2. Disable IOMMU in BIOS unless you need it for virtual machines

3. Install latest Intel BETA driver manually by downloading it from Intel

4. Install latest Intel chipset driver for motherboard

5. Disable all Intel GPU services from starting

4. Also disable Intel Arc Control from automatic starting on computer startup as it seems it MIGHT contribute to crashing by monitoring temperatures and so on

6. Try to connect monitor with different cable or connect it to different port, as Arcs seems to be sensitive to some monitor cables and reductions

7. Try to disable HD Audio Driver for Display audio in devices if you don't use sound via display HDMI

8. If it helps, reguralry check for driver updates and enable Intel Arc Control and services and check if they finally fixed it


Try to use two separate cables from PSU instead of one and reseat GPU in it's slot, also that 600W PSU might NOT be really enough...

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Hello Ulcade


We hope you are doing fine.


We have not heard back from you. So we will close this thread. If you need any additional information, submit a new question, as this thread will no longer be monitored.


Best regards.

Isaac Q.

Intel Customer Support Technician.


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Hello Ulcade



Just for your information, This Intel®️ Arc 7 three-year limited warranty applies to eligible Intel®️ Arc Cards that are packaged in authentic Intel packaging and sold to end customers as standalone components. Intel®️ Arc Cards contained within OEM systems are subject to OEM manufacturer warranties and generally are not supported directly by Intel.


In case you want to apply for a warranty here is some information. After verifying that your warranty is still active here, directly contact Intel Customer Support to initiate the RMA process (you cannot do this through the forums). Here are pages where you can look up contact information, including local/country phone numbers, by geography:


U.S. and Canada: Intel Customer Support

Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Intel Customer Support EMEA 

Asia-Pacific: Intel Customer Support APAC 

Latin America: Intel Customer Support LAR  

We will close it. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.


Best regards,

Isaac Q. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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