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Celeron N3060 Once turbo turns off it doesn't turn back on without a complete restart.

The CPU in my laptop has started acting really weird (by which I mean it hasn't always worked like this). When I start the computer it runs at its turbo frequency of 2.48 GHz. Depending on the load it can fluctuate a bit up and down. But if it reaches a load level where turbo is completely turned off and it reaches its base clock of 1.6 GHz it doesn't increase the frequency from there without a total system reboot. It actually used to be even worse because the intel power management profile could make the CPU throttle down to 0.48 GHz if the load was low enough. However I found a post on some website that said that this could be avoided by renaming intelppm.sys to intelppm.sys.bak in c:\Windows\System32\drivers. And this has helped the CPU to not throttle down to 30% of its intended base frequency. However I still would like the full performance to be the norm. Any ideas how to preferably make the frequency adjustment work as intended again so the CPU speeds down when not under load and speeds up again when it comes under load? Or alternatively any idea how to make it always run in turbo mode? I very rarely run the computer unconnected so power use really isn't much of a concern for me.

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