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Clevo Laptop Black Screen after Install UHD 630 Driver / Laptop Boot Up (Login Screen)


Hi Intel,

As far as I concern this issue has been pertaining in many owners' PC or laptop. I have read many of the posts / suggested solutions but none have yield me some results.


Everytime I installed UHD 630 driver (any version), my laptop screen will go black and there is nothing that I can do to wake it up. Win+Ctrl+Alt+B hotkey doesn't work. But my laptop is running there. So I have to force shutdown and reboot.


However upon reboot, there is almost >80% chance that my laptop screen will just stay black after BIOS screen. During those time, I have to try Win+Ctrl+Alt+B hotkey. Most of the times it won't work, so I just have to force shutdown again and reboot then repeat the whole thing until it properly show Windows login screen. I can login blindly, but after entering the desktop I still cannot do anything without the display. It can take more than 20 mins or even hours to successfully show login screen so that I can login properly.


I have contacted my manufacturer and they say it's Intel driver's problem and they can't do anything.


I can boot into safe mode and uninstall the driver to use Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. However, I need Intel UHD to use most of my software.


Kindly assist for a permanent solution as this problem has been haunting me for more than 1 year and I still cannot find any solution.


Laptop Brand: Clevo (Branded as Aftershock in Singapore)

Model: N850EP6

Processor: Intel Core i7-8750H

Graphics: Intel UHD 630, NVIDIA GTX 1060 (Laptop) 6GB

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Contact Clevo (again) for support of THEIR laptop, Since you have dual graphics, you MUST use the drivers provided by clevo. And, if you are not on W10, version 1909, or 1903 (with all updates), you should be.




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As well, watch for BIOS updates. The BIOS is involved in the initialization (and reinitialization) of the graphics engine and bugs there could potentially be responsible for your issue.


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  1. Download the drivers from this page:
  2. The Intel VGA Driver Version (
  3. The  NVIDIA VGA Driver Version (NVIDIA_VGA_181203)
  4. Please download and install all other drivers from the CLEVO download page, marked "Win 10 x64".
  5. I don't see any Bios version in the CLEVO Download page, however you may try to download and install Update Control Center2.0 Version: 1.0.65 utility ( Could be tyhat with this utility, you will be able to update your laptop.




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