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Driver Update removed 2560x1440 and 144hz capability


I'm really looking forward to get a solution here. Those DHC drivers or whatever caused this issue really make it hard to use Windows. Unfortunately I can't tell which version was installed prior to this but I always used 2k resolution.

All resolutions are available only the 16/9 2k resolution is missing 2560x1440 ... for example 2560x2048 is available which leaves a black area on the display... the correct one is missing. 144hz is gone completely. I can only choose 60hz and nothing else. This was possible in the past too.

Intel control panel says that the internal display can't have a custom resoltution which leaves me without any option to add this resolution.

I installed drivers from the lenovo page directly with their tool. Then directly from intel and also a bunch of older versions without success.

What can I do? This worked in the past and I found a bunch of posts where others had the same issue.


ThinkPad 73
LCD IPS 17.3 on Intel UHD 630 & RTX 3000
Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2 - 19042.685



I attached the system diag

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Solved - bios display setting was set to hybrid rather than discrete

Super User

Hi @victor44 

I've checked the SSU report  attached to your post and I can see that your have the latest (released by Lenovo) and correct graphics drivers installed.  The Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 you have is version, while Nvidia Graphics Driver is version I suggest that you should download and reinstall the Intel driver.  More important, download and install the ThinkPad Monitor INF File version (this file includes your monitor information). All Graphics Drivers you may download from Lenovo Download Site for your laptop.  On this page, you may find "Automatic Driver Update" tab - this may help to update all other drivers (if needed).